Care & Cleaning


Our bamboo products are design and build to last.  We take the furniture building techiques to hand construct and finish the item from raw material to finished product.  About 60% of the worksmanship are hand made.  


Most of our bamboo products have clear varnishing to keep moisture out of the bamboo material.  It is important to keep the product clean and dry to prolong the usefulness of the product.  If spot cleaning is needed use a damp cloth for wipe down.  Do not use any harsh cleaning agents for cleaning as it may eat through the clear coat varnish.  Once spot is cleaned you may use organic mineral oils on cleaned area.  You can find many organic mineral oils used for bamboo chopping boards on-line on


Our canvas and polyester fabrics not pre-shrunk, spot cleaning only.  Use warm damp cloth with tiny dab of detergent if needed for wipe down.  Contact us if you have questions about cleaning.

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