Protect your favorite plates and heirloom with this stylish set of chests.

  • Each set comes with four chests
  • Each chest is covered in cotton twill in gray and lined with HARD-SHELL fiber board for sturdy construction
  • Soft separators inside to cushion each plate
  • Each chest holds up to 12 plates in the following diameters: 11", 9", 7.5" and 5.5"
  • Zipper closure and a built-in label holder for each chest for easy storage and organization
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Third Set

Barbara Maraz on 21st Mar 2020

This is my third set of these wonderful protecters. I had some large serving bowls and other pieces that needed a place to go. The large box fit perfectly so ordered another set. I will have extra ones but no doubt I will find something to go in them.

Gray Twill Hard-Shell Plate Protector

Barbara Maraz on 16th Jan 2020

Absolutely the best for storing my dishes. I wanted something that was sturdier then quilted cloth or cushioned plastic. These are it. Very nicely constructed and look better then the cardboard box I was getting ready to use. I have them stacked on each other in a closet. Since they won’t be moved much, they will hold up for a long time. That being said, I don’t know if using them to move without more padding is a good idea. I could see them being crushed if not put into another box. For my purposes, these were a great buy.

Please carry in teal!

Jennifer on 18th Nov 2018

Bought the mug storage box in teal on Amazon and now would like to complete my set.

Safe China storage

28th Jul 2017

Love the hard body design. Can fit 12+ china dishes in each container, able to label with built-in tag, and are sturdy. Very happy with purchase and will buy again.

Not enough fabric liners for containers ordered.

1st Jan 2017

Not enough fabric liners for containers ordered. Fabric liners provided only large enough for saucers.

The best china storage!!!!

12th Oct 2016

This is a very sturdy stoarge syetem. It really protects the china because it is hard-sided and the laeling window is an added bonus.

Most Protective China Storage

Julie on 19th Jul 2016

Let me start off by saying, if you want to protect your china, then buy these!! They are VERY sturdy and look really nice, too. My china fit well - all 12 settings, just like the listing described it would. The ONLY reason I am not giving this set 5 stars is that the felt liners are not big enough for the larger plates. They should be sized to compliment the diameter of the holders to better ensure that the plates are not scratched when stacked on one another. I also agree with another reviewer that recommended an a la carte option as I would like to just purchase one more small round container for some small bowls that I have. Other than that, I HIGHLY suggest you purchase these protectors if your china is something you would like to protect for the future.

Good Quality

Ms C on 13th Mar 2016

I packed the china in this product yesterday. I was pleased with the quality. They appear to be well made and sturdy. I would definitely recommend this product. I have two suggestions. One would be to provide felt separators that are the same size as each container. They were all the size of the smallest containers. This didn't work for me. I had to spend more money to buy another option for the larger containers. The other would be to make the containers available a la carte, as suggested by a previous reviewer. I could have achieved a better fit for all of my china pieces without having to buy cushioning to fill in around the outside of some containers. My china would be more secure and less likely to break.