We offer this modern and stylish stand for your entryway. The open slats to provide ventilation while an iron cast metal pan at the bottom catches the dripping rainwater from umbrellas, canes or walking sticks. 

  • Made with 100% bamboo
  • 8.46" L X 10.43" W X 19.70" H
  • Open slats promotes ventilation
  • Free iron cast metal dripping pan
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8.46 (in)
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10.43 (in)
This product is guarantee from defective workmanship for one year. If you are not happy with your purchase feel fee to contact us within 7 days after receive the product for full refund!

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love it!

28th Jan 2015

Stylish and functional! Finally my hunt for an umbrella stsnd is over.

Love this product! I use it for umbrella and walking cans

Frank Y. on 12th Apr 2014

Bought this a week ago and right now use it to hold 2-3 umbrellas and walking sticks. The piece looks great indoor too and matches up well with my entryway. I would buy more for the garage and backyard.

Perfect! Nice metal base dripping pan.

Cindy on 1st Jan 2014

I bought this after doing research into this product and thought the price is pretty good buying directly here. The product is better than I anticipated and very well made. The cast iron dripping pan works well. Can fit easily 3-4 umbrellas. Will probably buy one more for the garage.

Very attractive; good quality

Jan on 19th Aug 2013

I was very happy with the umbrella stand, and thought it was well worth the price.

Really Inventive Natural Storage Products

Ruthie on 1st Aug 2013

For natural storage products that have way too many uses to count, get this one. I love the metal plate at the bottom of the stand. It adds a nice level of sturdiness (which lets me store heavier items without fear of the bottom falling out) and catches moisture from umbrellas, which are also good to put in here. Really, the uses for the stand are limited only by your imagination. I'm sure you'll find a place to put this beautiful bamboo.

Charming Natural Storage Products

Annabeth on 1st Aug 2013

I get a lot of use out of these little natural storage products. I use it as an umbrella stand when it rains, of course, but here in Arizona it doesn't rain all that much. I use it more often for a hat box. It's easier to see which hat is which if they're all stacked up in this this container. The slats make it easy to see inside, so I can just lift out the hat I want and leave the rest! The bamboo looks wonderful and is very light, so it's easy to convert it from umbrella stand to hat box and back!

Even better than I thought!

Terry Perkins on 30th Jul 2013

The stand is tall enough to accommodate a golf umbrella, the wood has a hand-crafted look, and there is a heavy metal tray that sits inside and serves as a stabilizer/drip catcher (this isn't mentioned in the product description!). I'm very glad that I found this and bought it. The price makes it even more of a great value.

Umbrellas Love Natural Storage Products

Julian on 8th Jul 2013

These versatile natural storage products have a lot of uses. As an entryway stand, it's marvelous for umbrellas, wet clothes, and more. The bamboo is lightweight but very strong, and it stands up to moisture really well. The stand is also great as a general storage basket, though cords tend to leak through the slats. It's even good for a kitchen trash can; the smaller waste basket sold here is only really good for something like a bathroom. This is one versatile bamboo storage container.